You're Engaged... Now What?

Planning a wedding is a fun but daunting task. There is a reason wedding planners have jobs! It takes A LOT of work and planning to have a wedding go as planned.


Some brides, have been “secretly” planning their wedding for years and have a jump start on the design with a multitude of secret boards on Pinterest and many have helped a myriad of girlfriends plan their weddings.


But for a lot of you, getting the ring is the only “planning” that has been done for the big day!


Getting good, sound advice that can help you plan your wedding may be in short supply OR you may be surrounded by so many opinions your head is spinning and you need help sorting through the advice.



I’m Amy Grace, and as a certified wedding planner & designer for over 15 years, I’ve seen a lot!

I decided in the fall of 2016 to bring a valuable resource to brides in 2017! Why?? Frankly I was sad seeing how many amazing women were getting into poorly designed contracts that strapped them for cash with vendors they had chosen and trusted. Brides so far over budget that heavy strains were placed on their relationship; and logistics… they were basically non- existent!  These brides had spent on average 280 hours “planning” their weddings but in the end, were stressed and barely able to enjoy their special day.  When I would ask them, what was the one thing they would have done differently….



Their SINGLE answer-


get a professional’s advice!


So… If You’re a Bride that Wants a:


** Professional Planner/Designer But Can’t Afford One**

** On A Shoestring Budget and Not Sure Where to Cut**

**Want a Clear & Concise Roadmap on HOW to plan/design your Wedding**

** Worksheets to Empower YOU during Vendor Conversations**

** Comprehensive Budget Template to help plan for ALL the various costs**

**Learning platform to hear from other Experienced Brides**


And MOST importantly… A Bride that Wants...


** Confidence to make SMART Decisions**



Then this course is EXACTLY what you need!



With over 10 Hours of Video Tutorials, I help brides plan their big day, confidently. 


In This Course I Teach You How To:


 ** Have Meaningful Conversations While Booking Vendors:

Get Questions Answered BEFORE You’re stuck in a contract**


** Reduce your Stress and only plan what’s “Necessary” **


**Plan the tough “What ifs” BEFORE Your Wedding so you aren’t dealing with “What Nows” on your Day! **


** To Enjoy planning the aspects of your Wedding that are currently keeping you up at night**




My Planning Process is Simple:


  • Step 1- Learn: Purchase My Course. Inside it, you will find a treasure trove of information and useful ideas on how to cut costs, reduce stress and effortlessly plan your day.

  • Step 2- Plan:  Get Your Questions Answered.  Inside of our Private FB page you will gain access to planners and professionals that will answer your questions and we invite you to join us as we host Facebook “live” events where we take your questions in real time!


And last but not least:


  • Step 3- Execute:  We help You Design your "Day of Show" timeline.  One of the toughest aspects of planning a wedding is remembering all of the little details and when they need to be executed.  You will meet individually with our planners and help to design a seamless day of show for all of your vendors and VIP’s.  Our goal is to schedule these 2 (30-min) meetings, 30 days and 10 days, ahead of your wedding.  In the first meeting, we plan your basic timeline and logistical details. 10 days out, we finalize any last-minute requests and switch any logistic needs around. Upon completion of timeline, our team at AGE Online will distribute your Day of Show Timeline to your requested vendors and VIP’s.


My Goal is Simple… I want you to have:

  1.  The Day of Your Dreams

  2. A Wedding that Doesn’t Break the Bank

  3. A Fully Planned Out Day of Show so you can Fully Enjoy and Participate in your Once in a Lifetime Event!