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Bespoke Weddings 

Curated & Crafted Mirco and Petite Weddings

Wow, the industry hasn't just changed, it's completely transformed. Between the Pinterest ideas, Instagram inspo, and the simple desire to remain economically and ecologically conscious; bridal couples today are finding the combination hard to find without sacrificing some or all of what they originally envisioned for their day.


We want to change that. We believe you can have it all. It just takes removing the traditional status quo which the industry has preached is a "must", tipping it up on end, and delivering a magical day that you will remember for a lifetime at a fraction of what the traditional way costs.


Bespoke weddings by Amy Grace Events are designed for the bride that wants the big decisions made for her with the freedom to adjust the intimate details. The bride that wants affordability without sacrificing look, feel and aesthetics. The bride that wants incredible photos that she can appreciate for a lifetime. The bride that wants the ceremony and the fellowship of friends and family to be the foremost aspects of her day. The bride that wants something smaller than conventional and most importantly, a bride that wants to enjoy her wedding and live it in first person without breaking her piggy bank.


We encourage you to check out Bespoke Weddings, they are sure to wow.

What's Included In An


Bespoke Wedding?

Everything.... Just Bring Your Attire & Rings.

Micro Weddings (2-6 Guests)

Start at $1999

Venue Space

Event Design



Bridal Bouquet(s)

Cutting Cake

Tiffany & Co. Champagne Glasses


Petite Weddings (Up to 40 Guests)

Start at $8,000

Venue Space

Event Design

Coordination Team




Unlimited Food & Beverage