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Sunday, October 4, 2020




Saturday, October 3, 2020





We know this is a very uncertain time for you all and the thought of planning a wedding or re-planning a wedding can be emotionally draining.  Our goal is even more important- to keep the stress out of your wedding day. We realize this might look different for many of you, but rest assured- we will make the day special.

While we currently allow for up to 125 guests and our base price is for 35, we understand this might not be possible come October. So, we have a process in place to have a wedding that's scaled to the approved amount of guests and the pricing will reflect that.  Please inquire today and we want to help you create a day you'll remember forever.

Food Experiences

COVID UPDATE: With the need to have food experiences more individualized, we're currently working with couples to help design food choices that are more in alignment with the current state of events. Please inquire about current options. Below is a listing of food experiences that we are using as a framework to help showcase our food format.

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