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Frequently Asked Questions

Pop-Up Weddings

We get it. This model seems confusing for some but the price tag seems amazing and maybe a little too good to be true?  Well, we've compiled some FAQ's we've been receiving to make it all a bit clearer for you!

Basic Questions

Q: How many does the price include?

A: We start with a baseline of 35-40 guests, based on location. Why this number? Well, because we have run the financials over and over and this is financially where it makes sense to start. Also, non-traditional brides are asking for options with guest counts between 30-50.  So the math and the request just made sense!

Q: Can I add more people?

A: Yes, depending on your venue. Each location has different max options. Each max number is listed in the venue packet.

Q: Everything means???

A: It truly means everything. The only thing we don't include is your attire, rings, and you need to file for your marriage license. We want you to be relaxed. We know in our decades of experience, one bill = less stress.  You pay us directly, we pay the vendors.

Q: How do we pay?

A: We take electronic payments so that it's easy to maintain.  We can set up payment plans that best meet your financial needs.  We do require all pop-up weddings to place a $2,000 non-refundable booking fee on them and are paid in full 45 days before your wedding. 

Q: Do we have to set anything up?

A: No, we make sure that any personal items that are to be displayed are brought to us the morning of your wedding or at our welcome rehearsal and we display them for you, pack them back up and make sure they are in your car of choice at the end of your event. It's truly all about you. It means you get to focus on the day in the most relaxed state.  Get a massage. Enjoy getting your hair and make-up done and know that it's all being taken care of.

Q: Is there a place that I can get ready there?

A: Some of our locations have bridal suites, others are just the restroom area. Ask about your specific location. We recommend getting ready at your hotel for maximum relaxation.

Q: Do we have assigned seating?

A: Nope!  This is a cocktail style reception. We provide various tables and chairs, high-top table options and for some locations, couches.  We want you to have the opportunity to mix and mingle with your guests in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  

Q: What about decor?

A: One of the most time consuming parts of the wedding day is the decor set up. We know this because we do it all the time! We also know that it takes people much longer than they anticipate and is truly the wedding day stressor.  So, we make sure your space is decorated beautifully and in trend. We keep things simple, but stunning. You can trust us to make sure the choice of decor for the day is one your guests will love and that you will be proud of. 

Q: Can children be invited?

A: Yes!!!! We love children. We know that for many of you, children  are a huge part of your life and you want to include them. We understand that children cost less on food and drink, so we work with you on friendly food options and a lowered cost per head. Just a heads up, we do have to include them in overall guest capacity numbers for fire occupancy reasons.

Q: Can I pick my own officiant?

A: Yes, and we encourage you to do this!  We understand and appreciate a well-crafted ceremony. We also understand that you may have a relationship with somebody that wants to perform your ceremony. This is the only vendor we allow you to make your own choice on. However, because of our model, we guarantee our vendors a minimum per day so we are unable to credit any money back on your package if you choose to use your own officiant.

Q: I'm afraid I won't feel like my wedding is unique enough? How can we personalize and make it "us"?

A: Great question!  We understand that this model might seem a bit standard and less personalized than you envisioned. Please know that we will make this day fully yours. When you contract with us, we give you various options to customize and personalize so that the day and space feels truly "yours".

Q: What type of attire should our guests wear?

A: This is a cocktail-style reception. So, while not black-tie, we encourage your guests to dress as fancy or relaxed as you choose.

Venue Questions

Q: How many total hours is my rental? 

A: We have three time slots. Two are 3-hour slots, one is a 5-hour slot. You will gain access to the venue up to 30 minutes before (depending on location) your booked slot. This will allow you to settle in and not feel rushed right before your ceremony. For those of you that would like a first look, we can arrange during this time.

Q: Can we get ready at the venue?

A: You can get ready at certain venue

Q: Is there parking? 

A: Each venue we host Bespoke weddings at have a different parking arrangement. Some are hosted on-site and others have public parking adjacent to the space.

Q: Do we carry any liability?

A: We do include a policy through that is in your name (1Millions/2 Million). If you're concerned please consult a lawyer to get the full scope of your personal liability.

Photo & Video Questions

Q: I'm nervous about the quality of photos, how do I know the photographer is going to get what I want and in the style we like?

A: There is nothing that lasts longer from your day than your photos so we truly understand the importance of beautiful ones.  We have carefully selected the photographers we use for Bespoke weddings. We believe that investing a large portion of your overall cost with professionals that we would be comfortable shooting at our own weddings. As far as your style, when we on-board our clients, we have a section about photography preferences and during that time you indicate your preferred style.

Q: Do I have full rights to my photos?

A: Yes!  We know that you want freedom when it comes to your photos. Feel free to use them on any social media platform, get them printed or put them up on a billboard! We do love when you tag your vendors on your social media profiles; it truly helps to create visibility for small business owners. 

Q: Who will be given my photos?

A: All of your vendors that are participating in your wedding will be given access to your photos for promotional reasons. As small business owners, we need the ability to showcase our work. It's the best way for us to bring in new business, such as yourself!  Please understand that we know and respect your privacy and if there is a specific reason or request to not use your photos, we can discuss our parameters around those requests.

Q: Videography? I'm not sure if I really want that. Can I remove it and save money?

A: The number one regret that brides have as far as a vendor they didn't book... video.  Here's the thing, we know video is the one area that most people cut, but we realize it's one of the most valued vendors post wedding. Because of that, we've added it into our packages. We know that you will be grateful post wedding... trust us!  Because of our commitment to video, we do not allow it to be removed from the contract to save money.

Food & Beverage Questions

Q: Does it really include all food, drink and alcohol?

A: Yes! We want you to truly enjoy your day and your guests to enjoy their time as well.

Q: How many guests are included in the base price?

A: We start our guest experience with 35 people. From there, based on location, you can add additional guests to your package for a flat rate.

Q: What type of alcohol is included?

A: Beer, Wine, and two signature drinks of choice from our list.

Q: Do you provide a bartender?

A: Yes! We make sure your guests are given first class treatment.

Q: What's a food "experience"

A: Because we eliminate the high cost of catering, we streamline the process by offering what we call food experiences. People create memories around food. So, we listened to our clients, asked brides what they truly loved at their weddings and what they didn't remember, and we have compiled a list of food and drink experiences that your guests will love.  They are interactive so that it allows your guests to choose the items they love and customize their experience.

Q: Do you provide all of the table service, napkins, glasses, etc.?

A: Yes, we do!  We make sure that your presentation is beautiful, not just on the platters and tables, but in your guest's hands as well.  

Q: We don't drink. Can we have a dry wedding?

A: Of course! We understand that alcohol isn't everybody's thing. If you want a dry wedding, we just craft fun drinks for your guests minus the booze!

Q: Can you accommodate dietary restrictions?

A: We can to an extent. We offer gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and keto friendly options in each of our food experiences.  Severe food allergies we do request that we are informed and we can always discuss options. We cannot guarantee cross-contamination due to our limited resources.


Q: Is there sound for the ceremony?

A: Yes, we make sure your guests can hear your vows and any music choices that you make.

Q: Is there dancing?

A: Yes!  In fact, because these are cocktail-style receptions, guests tend to dance more often!  So, we make sure that we have a great DJ to get your party started, no matter what time of day it is.

Q: Do I have to have dancing?

A: No, of course not!  We can help you create other options that will entertain your guests.

Q: Can we pick our songs?

A: Of course! We want this day to be about you and we want you to make it as personalized as you can. We make sure we understand your style of music, what your guests will like, and how to best accomplish your music needs.

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