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Are Greenhouse Conservatories the New Barn Trend?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Greenhouses, a wedding trend or here to stay?

I almost hesitate to even write this article due to the fact that I’m not sitting on a cash cow of capital to run out and invest in my own theory…. But I’m starting to feel a shift and since my goal is to bring new and fresh ideas to my followers, here it is!

Think back to 2008-2009, the world was in a tailspin. The economy was tanking and young people that wanted to get married, were looking for inexpensive and DIY ways to create a memorable and meaningful wedding. Ergo…the rustic barn trend. You started to see them pop up everywhere in magazines, celebrity weddings and the girl next door.

Pinterest began to flood with “rustic chic” weddings and mason jars of lavender. People began feverishly pinning barn weddings. What was “old” and very timeless in American history, suddenly became in vogue. Farmers across America, struggling to make ends meet, suddenly own a piece of property that can bring in well over $100,000 in revenue. They suddenly find themselves flush with cash and getting amazing use out of traditionally wasted space for many.

This trend created a tidal wave of non-traditional venues, and to be honest, I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

We are in a time where the Millennial generation want things to look simply elegant, and effortlessly chic. And they are succeeding. Brides are coming to me with the desire for textures and tradition in a non-traditional wedding day format.

But can the trend last????

Over the last 18 months I’ve been sitting back and watching the Pinning trend and I’m noticing a pattern… florals…. However, the nontraditionally “cut” flowers you see in weddings. Think re-usable and lush… think Conservatory housed palms and greenery.

Seven years ago, I adventured to England where I fell in LOVE with their obsession of greenhouses and conservatories. They were quaint, useful and beautiful all in one. I wandered the streets of Wimbledon and told myself, THIS could be an amazing wedding venue trend. I quietly placed the idea back in my head and fast forward to 2018…. I still feel the same. I’m starting to see a few local venue greenhouses opening up….. the trend is beginning!!

The lush beauty of nature that is preserved and re-usable and space so bright you feel outdoors without the concern for inclement weather, it’s the perfection combination of unique and useful; classic and sophisticated. It’s the essence of a person’s love for nature, beauty and each other. Folks, I’m calling it, 2020 will be the year of the greenhouse wedding.

Now, I should probably get back to work so that I can make some money and invest in one myself!

Happy Planning!

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